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The IMA Membership Team

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is the oldest and largest state manufacturing association in the United States. Founded in Chicago in 1893, the IMA represents nearly 4,000 companies and plants that operate in Illinois including a veritable “who’s who” of the business world. IMA member companies, whether included in the Fortune 500 or small family-owned businesses, benefit from the successful programs administered by the IMA, including our world-class lobbying effort. We offer informative seminars and training, continuing education courses, and a number of affinity programs designed to help your company grow and prosper. 

The IMA invites you to join our team today! We offer you a chance to network with other manufacturing leaders and most importantly, a panel of experts - IMA staff - is ready to respond to your needs today by calling (800) 875-4462 ext. 3042 or 2119.

Participation in the IMA is crucial to our success in maintaining a vibrant manufacturing economy in the state. With more than 525,000 employees, manufacturing provides nearly 13 percent of the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), ranking it the second largest sector of the state’s economy. As a member of the IMA, you can help preserve, protect, and enhance manufacturing for years to come by helping provide a strong and united front in our legislative battles.

So, join today and let’s work together for a brighter future!


Mark Denzler
Vice President - Vice President & COO


The IMA Membership Team:

  Mark Denzler - Vice President & COO - 800-875-4462, ext. 3008

  Julie Starsiak - Vice President Membership - 800-875-4462, ext. 2119

  Jerry Peck - Associate Director of Government Affairs & Membership - 800-875-4462, ext. 4054

 Skelton, Jim - Membership Representative - 800-875-4462, ext. 9374

  Christine Sisk - Membership Assistant - 800-875-4462, ext. 3042