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IMA Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA)?

The Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA) is a nonprofit trade association for Illinois manufacturers. Founded in 1893, the IMA is the oldest and largest statewide manufacturing trade association in the United States.

The IMA's mission is to strengthen the economic, social, environmental and governmental conditions for manufacturing and allied enterprises in the state of Illinois, resulting in an enlarged business base and increased employment.

What are the benefits of IMA membership?

The benefits of IMA membership are many. As the state's premier pro-industry association, the IMA works hard to protect and promote the interests of Illinois manufacturers. For example, IMA's government affairs efforts have resulted in over $300 million annually in corporate and sales tax breaks for our members. The IMA was instrumental in passing the most sweeping liability law reforms in Illinois' history. The IMA is addressing the tax and education reform, retail wheeling of electricity and other key issues.

In addition to our outstanding lobbying efforts, members benefit from the valuable information which they receive in IMA's many and varied publications.

Members also enjoy access to IMA's staff of experts who are just a (toll free) phone call away and ready to assist with any questions or problems. And IMA's Annual Meeting and "Business Day" in Springfield allow members to meet and network with hundreds of other executives and community leaders from throughout Illinois.

The collective buying power of members allows the IMA to offer group rates and discounts on a variety of products and services such as shipping, car rental, energy, and health care. You can learn more about these and other programs here.

Finally, the IMA is often able to provide member companies access to grant funds that cover 50% of the total cost for employee training. These grant funds are limited and available to IMA members only.

For more detailed information on any of the services and benefits mentioned above, please contact the IMA Membership Services Department at 1-800-875-4462.

How does my company join the IMA?

Simply call the IMA Membership Services Department at 1-800-875-4462 and ask to speak with a Member Services Representative. Membership information and an application will be mailed or faxed to you immediately.

What is the cost to join the IMA?

Annual IMA membership dues are on a graduated scale. To learn the amount of the annual dues for your company, please contact the IMA Membership Services Department by calling 1-800-875-4462.

Who may join the IMA?

The IMA is the only business association which focuses solely on the interests of manufacturers. However, membership is not limited to manufacturing companies only. Any business or group that has a keen interest in, or provides a service to manufacturing, may apply for IMA membership and are eligible for all IMA member services.

Why should my company join the IMA?

For over 100 years, the IMA has been recognized as the voice of Illinois' manufacturing sector. If you are a manufacturer in Illinois, the IMA is your voice -- your advocate in the state legislative and regulatory arena.

During your and every other citizen's life time, the single largest expenditure you will make is for government services. What are you doing to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment in state government? As an IMA member, you will be among those who are doing your part and providing input in order to protect and promote the best interests of Illinois manufacturers.

In addition to taking an active role in supporting our government affairs efforts, as an IMA member you will be eligible for the many IMA services and benefits which are available to members only.

We invite you to join the only team representing the manufacturing agenda -- the IMA! Simply call the IMA Membership Services Department at 1-800-875-4462 and ask to speak with a Member Services Representative.