Each year, thousands of bills are introduced in the Illinois General Assembly. IMA reviews every bill for its potential affect on manufacturing and works directly with elected officials to encourage passage or defeat. Listed below are bills we are actively working on. IMA members are encouraged to contact their state elected officials and let them know our position. For more information, contact Mark Denzler at 217.522.1240 extension 3008, or email: mdenzler@ima-net.org

IMA Legislative Agenda

HB5439 (McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills) SB3388 (Althoff, R-McHenry): Makes the R&D Tax Credit permanent.  Extends the carry forward period to 20 years instead of 5.  Bases the credit on 50% of average of qualifying expenditures over a three year base period.

HB4780 (Verschoore, D-Moline) SB3278 (Althoff, R-McHenry):  Extends the Manufacturers Purchase Credit by 5 years.  The credit is set to expire on August 30, 2014.  Includes a needed technical fix to the law.  IMA is also pursuing the technical fix in alternate legislation.

HB4687 (Sullivan, R-Mundelein)  SB3270 (McConnaughay, R-St. Charles): Eliminates certain fees pertaining to the shipping of Cobalt 60 and other medical isotopes.  Because Cobalt 60 is radioactive it is currently subject to fees originally enacted to cover the transportation of spent nuclear fuel.

HB5321 (Scherer, D-Decatur)  SB3436 (Harmon, D-Oak Park): Creates a new self-directing electricity program for large industrial customers. Under current law, industrial companies and all electric customers pay a fee that is collected by utilities. Users can then apply to the utilities to get rebates on energy efficiency projects. This legislation will allow industrial users to collect and keep their fee so long as they use the funds exclusively for energy efficiency projects at their companies.

HB4683 (Beiser, D-Alton)  SB3114 (Haine, D-Alton): These are shell bills that amends the Environmental Protection Act that may be used for an industry response to the petcoke and coal regulation debate.

HB5505 (Phelps, D-Harrisburg)  SB3219 (Jacobs, D-Moline):  This legislation codifying and clarifying Illinois pollution control device laws is identical to SB2345 that passed the Senate last year before being picked up by a hostile sponsor who refused to allow the bill to move in the House.  This legislation would close a loophole currently used by an attorney to file costly property tax claims against manufacturers who use pollution control equipment in their facilities.

HB5413 (Reboletti, R-Addison)  SB3300  (Syverson, R-Rockford):  Creates a four year phase in of an income tax credit on qualified production activities ultimately reaching 6.2% by 2017.  The credit could be carried forward for 15 years.

Other legislation:

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Workers’ Compensation/unemployment Insurance

Additional Legislative Issues