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The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA) invites you to join the team. IMA members benefit from successful lobbying efforts, informative publications, continuing education courses on issues affecting your business, the chance to network with other manufacturers and most importantly, a panel of experts — the IMA staff — ready to respond to your needs by calling (800) 875-4462, Ext. 3042.

As the oldest and largest state manufacturing association, we are proud to represent the agenda of all Illinois manufacturers. With you as part of our membership team, we represent a strong, united front in our pro-business legislative agenda. Participation in the IMA is crucial to our success. We thank you for joining our team and look forward to working with you. More information about the advantages of joining the IMA can be found online at the links below.

Why join the IMA?

- Retain more earnings - Whether we’re helping you save through our programs and cutting-edge information or fighting to lower your taxes, the IMA means smart business.

- Receive better information FAST - We specialize in getting information such as the latest on regulatory, legal and taxing matters to you fast and in language you can use.

- Understand the workings of government - Knowledge is power, and with the IMA, you’ll garner a ground-up understanding of how government works.

- Meet and influence legislators and regulators - We offer you a chance to conduct meetings with influential public figures who need an understanding of YOUR operation.

- Member Services - Members receive a variety of discounts on services provided by America’s most-reputable companies in such areas as electricity, natural gas, shipping and communications.

- Worldwide Exposure - As an IMA member, businesses throughout the world can locate information about your company via our online directory located at

- Networking - The IMA provides opportunities for you to make valuable connections to one another through seminars, publications and educational conferences.

- Better manage your external environment - The information we provide you will keep you up-to-date on innovations and problem-solving ideas from around the world.

- Better Business - As a group, the IMA makes a larger impact than a single company fighting alone for pro-business reform.

To join the IMA, CLICK HERE for an online application.