Illinois Manufacturers’ Association’s 2012 Election Guide and Legislative Ratings

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is very pleased to provide our 2012 Election Guide and Legislative Ratings so that you can make an informed decision at the ballot box on November 6.  The IMA rated more than a dozen key pieces of legislation considered in the House of Representatives or Senate impacting manufacturers both positively and negatively.  These biannual ratings provide a unique perspective on how Illinois lawmakers rate on issues of importance to the manufacturing sector and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues, family and friends before the election.

In the past two years, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association has been extremely successful in passing meaningful legislation that will save employers hundreds of millions of dollars: 

  • Successfully championed a 25-year long-term extension of the Illinois Enterprise Zone program.  The IMA joined Governor Quinn as he flew around Illinois to sign the bill into law this summer.
  • Passed extensive reforms of the Workers’ Compensation Act saving employers more than $300 million since September 2011.  The National Council on Compensation Insurance issued rate reduction advisories of nearly 10 percent including a recommended 5.9 percent reduction for the manufacturing sector on January 1, 2013.
  • IMA supported legislation streamlining the air permitting process at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was signed into law at a press conference hosted by the IMA at World’s Finest Chocolate in 2011.  More than 3,500 air permits will no longer be needed under this new law saving time and money.
  • Saved employers more than $400 million and enacted new fraud provisions under new Unemployment Insurance Act changes advocated by the IMA.  Beginning in 2013, many employers will begin to see a UI tax reduction of $42 per employee and tax rates will decrease for 155,000 employers that experienced no layoffs.
  • The IMA led the effort to extend the Research & Development Tax Credit for another five years and partially reinstate the Net Operating Loss Deduction.  

While the IMA and our companies experienced many victories in a tough political climate, there were also measures passing the General Assembly over our strong opposition including the massive 67 percent income tax increase passed in the waning hours of a lame duck legislature in January 2011. 

In the coming year, the IMA will continue to fight for additional changes to Workers’ Compensation including a primary causation standard, sunset of the “temporary income tax increase” that is scheduled to expire at the end of 2014, and finally passing a real pension reform bill that will help eliminate the nearly $85 billion unfunded liability that is placing intense pressure on the state budget and job creators.

In order to be effective, the IMA needs our elected officials to understand how their legislators vote in Springfield.  Please take a moment to read these ratings and communicate with your employees about how legislation impacts your company so that they can become educated voters.

Our 2012 Election Guide and Legislative Ratings provide an easy to read description of the candidates, new legislative districts and their voting records.

We appreciate your support and continued investment in the IMA.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mark Denzler, Vice President & COO, at 217-522-1240.

Click the link below to download the complete reports and maps. (The maps are large files and may take a while to download.)

2012 - IMA Ratings Congress
2012 - IMA Ratings Illinois Senate
Senate Ratings - Totals
Senate Ratings - By Vote
2012 - IMA Ratings Illinois House
House Ratings - Totals
House Ratings - By Vote

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